Lowongan Sari Husada

Sari Husada Company (PT Sari Husada), is a corporation that produces nutritional products for babies and children of Indonesia, starting with allsorts of formulated milk for babies to nutritional foods standardized with International quality. The corporation was built in 1954 with the name ‘NV Saridele’, as a form of equal national protein intake program held by Indonesian Government in collaboration with United Nations.
Sari Husada has been developing and producing SGM formulated milk (1965), as presently known and widespread use across communities. Originating from formulated milk, now the corporation’s products have developed and extended from formula milk to nutritious food products for babies and children. Danone Group acquisitioned Royal Numico. To this day, its long history of experience in supplying high nutritional productions, standardized international quality and at an affordable price for all layers of society, Sari Husada has proven itself to be a valuable, respectable national asset.
From time to time, PT Sari Husada offers the chance for future employees with potential to fill a variety of positions at our Company according to corporate operational needs.

The following are currently available vacant positions:

1. Area Control Supervisor
2. Field Nutritionist (FN Medan & FN Makasar)
3. Field Sales Manager General Trade – Supervisor Level
4. Field Sales Manager Modern Trade – Supervisor Level
5. Nutritional Representative
6. Sales Analyst

Apply for your selected field of work and send via online through on the website www.sarihusada.co.id
e-mail: recruitment@sarihusada.co.id or straight to:

Human Resources Department
PT Sari Husada
Cyber Building, 15th floor, Jl. HR. Rasuda Said Blok X-5 No.13
Phone(62-21) 29961555 (hunting), Fax.(62-21) 29961500
Mailing Address: Cyber 2 Building, 12th floor,
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Blok X-5 No.13
Jakarta 12950, Indonesia