Lowongan Kerja Badak NGL

PT. Badak NGL is one of LNG a world clas company on huge innovation, located in Bontang City, West Kalimantan. Vision of Badak NGL is to produce clean energy (LNG) and manage with the best standart and achieve the maximum value added for stakeholders. The Badak LNG Project began when Huffco, a production sharing contractor (PSC) of Pertamina, discovered a huge natural gas reserve at Badak Field, East Kalimantan in February 1972. On November 26, 1974, PT Badak NGL, a non-profit company with the shareholders of Pertamina, Vico and Jilco was set up. This company is entrusted to operate and maintain the Badak LNG Plant.
To support Badak NGL vission, we are encourage the best candidate to apply for the position as:
  1. A.      Pre-employe program – Application Code “PEP”
  2. B.      Experience Employe – Application code “IAU”
General requirement: A. Pre-employe program – Application Code “PEP”
1.       Bachelor Degree from major:
  • a.   Electrical Engieering (Listrik Arus Kuat)
  • b.  Chemical Engineering
  • c.   Mechanical Engineering
  • d.  Physical Engineering
  • e.  Sivil Engineering
  • f.   Economic Accounting
2.       GPA 2,75
3.       TOEFL Min 450
4.       Maximal 27 years old on Jul 31. 2012
5.       Ready to tbe part in PEP program as long as 2 (two) years

B. Experience Employe – Application code “IAU”
1.       Bachelor Degree (S1) from: Accountan, Economic Management, Informatica Engineering
2.       GPA 2,75
3.       TOEFL Min 450
4.       Maximal 35 years old on Jul 31. 2012
5.       Preferable hold Quality Internal Auditor (QIA) Certificate, Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) or Certified Information System Audit (CISA)
6.       Have several experience in auditor.

For applicant candidate may to get detail information at : www.bacaklng.co.id with enclose requirements:
1.       Copy of ID card (KTP) - valid date
2.       Copy of Certificate and Academic Transcript
3.       Copy of Birth Certificate (Akte Lahir or Surat Kena Lahir) from authority board
4.       Curriculum Vitae
5.       Affidavits free drugs created by each candidate (with stanp duty: Rp. 6000)

The latest received application on July 14. 2012 at o4 PM (16.00 WIB) through e-mail: